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About us

"The building is the structure that man builds in order to create an area in his life where he can control the effects of nature. The building is a permanent change in the scale of human lifespan, in the world shaped by nature; It recommends and dictates a lifestyle. The responsibility of the Architect is to compensate as much as possible that his designs receive from the world, being aware that each element he designs exposes his users to permanent obligations."

She graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Department of Architecture in 1997. After graduation, she worked on pioneering projects in the façade sector for many years and completed his master's degree in the field of external façade systems. Since 2006, she continues his professional studies in the studio she founded with Fatih Haciislamoglu.

Architect Hasan Fatih HACIİSLAMOĞLU

He graduated from Middle East Technical University, Department of Architecture in 1995. After working in various architectural offices and later as a construction manager for large-scale overseas projects, he founded his own studio in 2006.

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